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A Survivors Guide to Renting an Apartment in NYC

The Real Estate Industry Needs Our Help.


We are confident that the residential real estate industry in the United States needs more transparency and honesty. 


That’s why we created Replay Listings. We created a platform in which apartment representatives can only promote their properties through video tours that they take from inside our app (rather than the usual manipulated pictures out there.)  This way, we can guarantee the authenticity of the content you’re experiencing.

If you’d like to give it a try (it’s completely free for anyone looking to rent, and we don’t ask for credit card information,) simply scan the QR Code below: 

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We are more than agents or apps.

We are real people bringing transparency to real estate.




What you see is what you get. Replay Listings was founded by two former real estate agents working in New York City. Every single day, they saw that their clients were frustrated with the manipulated pictures on all real estate listings websites, which is why they created the first platform in the United States to focus on promoting real estate properties only through unedited videos – guaranteeing the authenticity and reliability of the content you explore when searching for a new home.

How Does the Replay Listings App Work?



A lot like social media apps!



Simply download the app and explore unedited videos of available rental apartments in New York City.

Within our app, you can:


  • Filter properties by size, price, and location


  • Save your favorites to review and “replay” later


  • Browse through our map



We show the most recent availabilities on the top (think of it as a newsfeed) to help guarantee that the property you like is still available. 


Our team of experts verifies every single property listed, so you can trust the content on our platform. No more bait-and-switch!

The Best Apartments for Rent in NYC are 0n Replay Listings


Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on the Apple App Store



5+ Stars

“I cannot say enough great things about this app! It is easy to use and navigate through. Having been through the daunting and exhausting search for the perfect apartment, I remember how frustrated I would get when I’d see apartments in person that either weren’t the exact ones as portrayed in the photos or edited certain ways to inaccurately portray them. Luckily, when I look to move in the near future, I can count on Replay Listings to show me exactly what I’m looking at, as it truly is! I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to find the perfect place to call home.”

 – A. Sweet 117  (Via the iOS App Store)



No illusions or mysteries.
“This is a great app for agents and for apartment-seeking clients because you’re not seeing stock pictures or wide lens stretched out pictures of rooms. You’re taking a virtual tour of the premises and what you see is what you get. You’re getting a real clear idea of what you’re going to go view in person when you get there. Hence, saving everybody time and frustration. Honestly, it’s the best way to look for an apartment!”

– Gravity Room (Via iOS App Store)



Apartments shot in the video definitely seem to capture the true layout. You certainly can’t manipulate a video like you can photos. This app is a huge leap towards greater transparency. And with the benefit of listing verification, you can tell what’s on here is real, unlike a lot of these other NYC apartment search engines… My search has actually been kinda fun for once, thank you Replay!!

-Rgriffi94 (Via iOS App Store)

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