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East Village, Manhattan.
New York City

About the East Village

East Village is a large area of Manhattan that ranges from the East River to Third Ave. on the East to West boundaries and 14th St. to East Houston St. on the North to South boundaries.


East Village is a major residential neighborhood, home to long-time residents, newcomers as well as artists and intellectuals that give it that bohemian flair.


The East Village is a stylized neighborhood with great shopping, dining, and iconic, colonial brownstones. Many people who are attracted to the bohemian lifestyle flock to the East Village as its been home to iconic writers and artists, today many young professionals call the East Village home who are in search of creative inspiration and bohemian flare.


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Roughy 159,296 people call East Village home. A community rich in nightlight, street style, and adventurous bars and restaurants.


The East Village historically is recognized as a bohemian community filled with artists, intellectuals, and creatives, currently, it has become the epicenter for recent college grads looking for the NYC experience and those who march to the beat of their own drum.


According to the US Census Report of 2016, its residents are currently 22% Latino, 9% Black, 33% White, and 34% Asian. The vast majority of families and residents live in multifamily housing, more specifically, 88 live in housing with 10 or more units in a 1.7 square miles radi. In addition, 47% of housing is two bedroom apartments and three bedroom apartments.


This supports a population density of 93,703 people per square mile, compared to NYC at 30,000 people per square mile or roughly, 3 times more densely populated than Manhattan.


East Village density is what provides for a culturally rich and lively environment. In addition, its mix of studio apartment rentals, 1 bedroom apartment rentals, 2 bedroom apartment rentals, and 3 bedroom apartment rentals support a diverse, thriving community.



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In addition, East Village is home to classic and unique cultural centers and amenities that support its bohemian feel.


The Anthology Film Archives, an international center for the preservation, study, and exhibition of film and video, with a particular focus on independent, experimental, and avant-garde cinema.


The Website States, “An ambitious attempt to define the art of cinema by means of a selection of films which would screen continuously, the Essential Cinema collection was intended to encourage the study of the medium’s masterworks as works of art rather than disposable entertainment, making Anthology the first museum devoted to film as an art form.”


In addition, prolific American author Jean-Michel Basquiat called the East Village home during the 70s. East Village also offers convenient access to Tompkins Square Park, a 10.5-acre public park in the Alphabet City portion of East Village, Manhattan, New York City.


The square-shaped park, bounded on the north by East 10th Street, on the east by Avenue B, on the south by East 7th Street, and on the west by Avenue A, is abutted by St. Mark’s Place to the west. The performances hosted by the park are as unique as its visitors: the annual lineup includes the outdoor drag festival Wigstock, the Howl Festival commemorating Allen Ginsberg, and the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival.



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Continually, East Village has become defined by its bohemian nature and commitment to affordability. On August 16, 2018, NYT published an article chronicling the East Village as the “epicenter of experimental art.” It profiles the East Village as a satellite, “A kind of conceptual and anti-commercial satellite orbiting the art world’s mainstream.” Also, on August 16, 2018, Curbed published an article profiling the City’s new effort to preserve Section 8 affordable housing and new deals with developer LIHC Investment Group will allow housing developments in the East Village and Harlem to remain affordable for another 40 years. The article states, “At “Lower East Side I and II Apartments” at 384 East 10th Street and 199 Avenue B, 243 apartments will remain affordable after the city’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) and the New York City Housing Development Corporation worked with LIHC Investment Group to preserve the units under Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Housing New York Plan, reports the Lo-Down.” 


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