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Midtown East is a large area of Manhattan that ranges from the East River. to Sixth Ave. on the East to West boundaries and 59th St. to 42nd St. on the North to South boundaries.


Unlike other commercial areas in NYC, Midtown East is home to world-class shopping, dining, and cultural attractions. Midtown East is a stylized neighborhood, known for upscale dining, iconic shopping, and stylized buildings.


Established urban professionals call Midtown East home as well as long-time residents as well as newcomers.


Many people who are attracted to highly stylized lifestyle flock to the Midtown East as its established itself as a world-class retail center, today many national and international tourist flock to Midtown as it continues to become a world-class destination neighborhood.



Let Replay Listings, the best apartment finder app, be the key to helping you with your Midtown East apartment listings and finding your next home!

Let Replay Listings, the best apartment finder app, be the key to helping you with your Midtown East apartment listings and finding your next home! 

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Roughy 141,162 people call Midtown East home.


A traditionally very commercial neighborhood, the Midtown East district is known for its luxury shopping on 5th Ave as well as iconic architecture like the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building.


The Midtown East historically is recognized as a commercial community filled with offices, department stores, and luxury retailers. Currently, it has become the epicenter for some iconic, luxury real estate developments. According to the US Census Report of 2016, its current residents are 9% Latino, 69% White, and 16% Asian.


The vast majority of families and residents live in multifamily housing, more specifically, 93% live in housing with 10 or more units in a 3.1 square miles radius. In addition, 30% of housing is two bedroom apartments and three bedroom apartments. This supports a population density of 45,536 people per square mile, compared to NYC at 30,000 people per square mile or roughly, 1.5 times more densely populated than Manhattan.


Midtown East density is what provides for a culturally rich and lively environment. In addition, its mix of studio apartment rentals, 1 bedroom apartment rentals, 2 bedroom apartment rentals, and 3 bedroom apartment rentals support a diverse, thriving community. 


Unfortunately, we do not have a video tour of Midtown East. However, we do have one of Gramercy, a neighborhood directly south of Midtown East.


Check out the video below, which will tour you through the Gramercy neighborhood with our partner James Marcolin.


Midtown East is home to iconic buildings, world-class real estate developments, and cutting-edge retail.


685 First Avenue, is a 32,365 SF parcel located between East 39th and East 40th Streets on First Avenue in New York City south of the United Nations Headquarters along the East River, a prominent location in Manhattan. The 42-story, 460-foot high residential tower will provide 556 rental and condominium apartments and will feature panoramic views of the New York City riverfront. This timely design, conceived of by American designer Richard Meier, represents the Midtown East that is classic with a strong sense of timeless style and sophistication.


In addition, Midtown East is home to Fifth Avenue shopping, one of the most luxurious stretches of retail in the country, Fifth Avenue is the main artery of New York City’s shopping scene, having welcomed a steady stream of fashion mavens for over 100 years.


Midtown East also offers convenient access to the Tudor City Greens, a New York 501(c)(3)not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to preserve and enhance Tudor City’s two landmarked parks.


The parks are located on Tudor City Place on either side of East 42nd Street, east of Second Avenue. The Greens was formed in 1987 to assume ownership and responsibility for the parks, under the auspices of The Trust for Public Land, when Tudor City buildings were being converted to cooperative ownership by the sponsor, Time Equities.


The parks are a focal point for the community and are actively used by residents and Tudor City neighbors alike.


Find your next, luxury apartment for rent in Manhattan, overlooking one of these timeless landmarks today! 


Continually, Midtown East has become defined by change, yet it’s committed to being a business hub. On July 27, 2017, Crains published an article profiling the Midtown East rezoning. The article states, “A City Council subcommittee approved the long-awaited rezoning of Midtown East Thursday. The new rules will allow developers to build larger office towers than currently allowed in exchange for improvements for pedestrians and commuters. “The plan allows bigger development near subway stations all around East Midtown, and allows for density to be earned by doing transit improvements,” City Councilman Dan Garodnick said during a council hearing. “This is certainly the right place to put lots of new density near Grand Central, one of our most important regional hubs.””




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