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Meet Alessandra Lykogiannis

Alessandra Lykogiannis for Replay Listings
Alessandra Lykogiannis, Real Estate Agent in NYC

Replay Listings Agent of the Month



Meet Alessandra Lykogiannis, Replay Listings’ Agent of the Month of June 2021.


If you’re looking for an agent who will put your priorities, wants, and needs first, please look no further. Alessandra takes pride in making every one of her clients happy and has developed a proven track record doing so. She’s built long-lasting client relationships in relatively short periods of time by truly listening to those she works with and by going the extra mile. With a background in communications, you can count on Alessandra to be fully transparent & vocal throughout the entire process.

Renting, buying, or selling an apartment is easier than you think, especially when you are teamed up with the right agent, who has insider market knowledge & your best interest on their top of mind.


When it comes to working with a Real Estate Agent in New York City, Alessandra brings her expertise and knowledge to help you find your dream home – don’t hesitate to contact her today!




Rodolfo Delgado, Replay Listings CEO, on Alessandra: 


I’ve known Alessandra for about three years now. Something I immediately learned from her is her ability to work efficiently and communicate in a very responsive way.


Alessandra is a serious, trustworthy real estate professional who has my trust. She’s the one to go to when you want your future property to be special, and I am confident she will continue to excel in finding the best properties out there for her clients. 




Most Recent Testimonials


“I have nothing but praise to give to Alessandra for her help. Her actions made selecting my apartment virtually from Ohio so much easier. Every step of the way she would send photos and videos of the building, the neighborhood, the parks – even getting me specific dimensions of parts of the rooms so I could prepare my furniture selections for the move.
Thank you so much Alessandra for being so on top of it and giving me the confidence I needed in selecting an apartment that I couldn’t visit in person.”
– Fern, June 2021
“Alessandra is exceptionally kind, knowledgeable, and competent at her craft. As someone who has lived abroad and in the South for most of his life, she made a meaningful difference in helping me navigate the New York City rental market. She was patient and took the time to understand my work situation, lifestyle essentials, and the things I was willing to be flexible on in finding a place.
Moreover, she was always receptive to my inquiries and I never had any issues receiving her input in a timely and informative manner. It was an absolute pleasure working with her and she made my transition to New York so much more seamless than it may have been otherwise. I’m confident that you’d have a similar experience in working with Alessandra.”
– Ari, June 2021


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