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Meet Carlos Alleyne  

Carlos Alleyne for Replay Listings Real Estate Agent of the Month
Carlos Alleyne, Real Estate Agent in NYC, Century 21

Replay Listings Agent of the Month



Meet Carlos Alleyne, Replay Listings’ Agent of the Month, July 2021.



Carlos Alleyne is a Brooklyn Realtor with a NY State of Mind. A true New Yorker raised in Brooklyn, Carlos’ primary focus is on residential real estate- helping clients navigate the purchase, sale, or leasing of properties in New York City. 


Whether working with a first-time home buyer, a rental client, or people relocating to New York City, Carlos continuously looks to provide a friendly, transparent, and professional service. His adoption of a transparent and honest process when it comes to taking care of his clients has made Carlos stand out in a crowded industry.


Carlos ultimately seeks to develop long-lasting relationships with his clients and recently expressed that Replay Listings is the resource that has allowed him to provide exceptional service for his clients when searching for their new homes in NYC.


If you’re looking for an agent who will put your priorities, wants, and needs first, Carlos is the one to call.


When it comes to working with a Real Estate Agent in New York City, Carlos brings his expertise and knowledge to help you find your dream home – don’t hesitate to contact him today!



Rodolfo Delgado, Replay Listings CEO, on Carlos: 


Carlos has been incredibly consistent and truly outstanding when selecting the right property for his clients- especially when it comes to Brooklyn, his borough of expertise.


I strongly believe that Carlos’ success stems not only in his incredible customer service (reading his testimonials, anyone can immediately notice it,) but also in his professionalism and the trust he is able to earn from his clients.


I am confident that Carlos will continue to excel in finding the best properties for anyone who works with him. 





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Most Recent Testimonials for Carlos Alleyne


“I’ve known Carlos for 15 years and all I can say is how professional and helpful he is. As a real estate agent, he is very informative, resourceful, and patient. He quickly responds to your inquires and will present your best options.


He was my go-to when I had questions about purchasing my very first home and continues to be when looking for future investments. I’ve referred him to my brother and friends because I know they’re going to the best service in NYC.” 

– Janderie G.





“Carlos has immense knowledge as a realtor which immediately put me at ease with the information he provided in understanding the housing process. He also walked me through any difficult questions that I had, which helped me immensely. The process is an extensive one, and he was available every step of the way. As a client, he made sure that I understood everything and that I was comfortable before making a decision.

Furthermore, he was very punctual. This is extremely important when time availability is at a premium for me. Having a realtor that values my time is key. I knew that Carlos would value me as a client regardless of my income. I was surprised that he even called me days later to follow up, to make sure I was comfortable with my decision. That impressed me to know that he cared for my well-being as a human being, and not just a number to be filled.

In closing, I hope I never need a realtor again, but if I do I will immediately be calling Carlos.

-Dennis HallR



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