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NYC Landlord Concession Update
September 2021

Landlord concessions in manhattan nyc free months for rent

Landlords in New York often offer free months for rent when you lease an apartment in NYC for over 12 months. So, every month we create a list of concessions being offered by some of the landlords in Manhattan. Want us to add a landlord to our monthly update list? Let us know!

Here’s What’s Going on in the Concession World for Residential Real Estate at the Moment:

Now: A few of its listings have an offer of up to 2 months free rent.
August: TWO months free on a selected number of listings. 
July: TWO months free on a selected number of listings.
June: Provided up to FOUR months free on a selected number of apartment listings. 

Now:  Continues to provide 1 month OP and 1 month free on a 12-month lease on most of its listed properties.

August: 1 month OP and 1 month free on a 12-month lease on most of its listed properties. 
July: 1 month OP and 1 month free on a 12-month lease on most of its listed properties.
June: Had a promo of  1 month OP and up to 2 months free or a maximum of 3 months free on a 12-month lease, depending on the listed property.
Now: Discontinued all promotions this month.
August: 1 month free on a 12-month lease.
July: 1 month free on a 12-month lease.
June:  2 months free on all new leases.
Now: No change since June. One month free on all the new leases for most listings, with some properties offering up to two months free.
Centennial Properties (9300 Realty)
Now: 1 month free on a 12 month lease on a few of its listings under the price range of 2.5k . All other listings do not have any promotional offer.
August: Does not provide any incentives on most of their listed properties except for a few apartments with a month free offer available.

July: Did not provide any incentives for the properties priced above 3k. All the other properties listed below the price range of 3k have an offer of 1 month free on a 12-month lease.
June:  Two months free with a 12-month lease.

We want to expand our list of landlords!


We’re a community and believe in sharing information to grow together.

If you know any landlord information (such as concessions being offered) that may help others, please let us know by replying to this email, and we’ll make sure to include that in our next update.


The information provided in this email was gathered directly from each landlord’s website, email blast, newsletters, or other forms of communication and may be outdated. Please verify any information before taking further action.


We look forward to continuing to grow your business.


-Team Replay Listings

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