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What Real Estate Agents need to know to leverage Replay Listings

What is Replay Listings?

Replay Listings allows you to quickly and easily advertise available properties for rental and sale by uploading video tours whenever you’re previewing or showing.


Our robust platform consists of an iOS Mobile App, a Website, and an Android App. 



iOS Mobile App:

  • Immediately record and advertise available apartments through your phone. For example, you visit a property, record a video, and instantly upload it to give it exposure.

  • Creates a website for every one of your listings, so you can send the links to your clients without the fear of losing them in the process – we never show “similar units nearby.”

  • Creates a database of all of your listings – some agents have over 500 video listings up! Working this way helps you close more deals and focus on serious, qualified clients.

  • Tells you what to advertise. We offer what we call an “Availabilities Map,” which includes data we get directly from landlords regarding what’s available. We tell you all concessions being offered and access codes to the properties.


  • Provides Analytics. By looking at our analytics, you may learn which sizes, areas, and price points you should focus on advertising!

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Abilities. How many people have “liked” your listings, emailed, called, and texted you, along with their contact information and the link to the listing they’re interested in.





Our Website:

  • Makes it easy for potential customers (renters and buyers alike) to find you. We actively advertise on Google, Apple, and many social media platforms to ensure your future clients have easy access to your content.

  • Promotes YOUR content and Agent’s webpage. At Replay Listings, we understand YOU are the brand, which is why we automatically create a webpage for you with all of your listings.

    The best part? You don’t have to take care of it! Deleting or updating your listings on the iOS App will automatically take care of your website.

  • (COMING SOON!) – An “Agent’s Web Dashboard” that allows you to explore, manage, create, and share new listings from your computer.






Android App :

  • It’s not perfect, but we’re making it better. Our main focus in terms of product development has been the iOS app and Website because we have found that most of our users come from there over time. However, we LOVE Android and want to offer our services to everyone, which is why we’re working hard to improve our Android App as well.



Replay Listings iPhone Horizontal

Facts about Replay Listings:

  • We encourage both Exclusive and Open Listings, and around 85% of our content comes from Open Listings.

  • We are proud to say that as of recently, we also have a SALES platform! Woohoo!!

  • Around 150,000 people have leveraged Replay Listings in their pursuit to find a new home for rent.


  • About 500 Active and licensed Real Estate Agents have registered and use Replay Listings.

  • We have over 8,000 EXCLUSIVE video listings.


Check out the video below, which will tour you through the Replay Listings iOS Mobile App.





When you register as an agent, we automatically enroll you in a 30-day free trial (no credit card needed) with all of our premium features. We believe in proving our value before you have to spend a dime.

If after your trial you’d like to continue to use all the premium features, you may simply enroll (via Apple Pay) in a subscription of only $9.99 p/month


If you wish to continue using our basic features for free, we do offer a FREEmium account. You’ll still be able to access all of your video listings and continue to be able to upload UNLIMITED LISTINGS FOR FREE.

The Premium Features
are what we call “convenience features,” such as:

– Being able to Save Drafts
– Analytics
– CRM System
– Availabilities Map
– Upload videos (rather than taking them when you’re there)



Give it a Go!


What are you waiting for? Try Replay Listings for FREE and find out why so many Agents leverage our proprietary technology every single day.


We’re looking forward to seeing you here!



– The Replay Listings Team




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