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At Replay Listings, we’re transforming the way real estate agents do business with our innovative, user-friendly app.



We understand the pace of the New York real estate market. That’s why we’ve created a solution that enables you to share high-quality video tours with your clients effortlessly, all at a simple click of a button. Your clients are busy, and so are you. Our service streamlines the real estate process, saving you valuable time and effort.



With our new feature, you can share multiple properties in seconds. It’s the ultimate tool for today’s fast-paced, digital real estate market. Whether you’re following up post-tours or reaching out to clients who aren’t physically in the city, our email template feature allows you to generate customized emails complete with property details, pricing, video tours, and your contact information. 



You can even screen potential clients before in-person showings, making this a perfect fit for open rental listings and exclusive rental listings in New York.

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A customized website for each of your listings? 


That’s right.



We’re not just about making your life easier – we’re about elevating your business. Each site includes the agent’s direct contact information and all the property’s details, barring the exact address, providing an immersive, in-depth experience for your clients.


Ready to take your real estate business to the next level? Download our app from the app store today and

get started for free. Navigate the bustling New York real estate market with ease, and provide your clients with a world-class service they’ll never forget.


Don’t let the opportunity to revolutionize your real estate dealings pass you by. Join the Replay Listings family and become a part of the real estate evolution. Our friendly, professional team is ready to assist you in making your real estate transactions seamless and efficient. If you have any questions, we encourage you to check out our FAQs or get in touch with our team. Welcome to the new era of New York real estate – welcome to Replay Listings!

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We are more than agents or apps.

We are real people bringing transparency to real estate.




What you see is what you get. Replay Listings was founded by two former real estate agents working in New York City. Every single day, they saw that their clients were frustrated with the manipulated pictures on all real estate listings websites, which is why they created the first platform in the United States to focus on promoting real estate properties only through unedited videos – guaranteeing the authenticity and reliability of the content you explore when searching for a new home.

How Does the Replay Listings App Work?



A lot like social media apps!



Simply download the app and explore unedited videos of available rental apartments in New York City.

Within our app, you can:


  • Filter properties by size, price, and location


  • Save your favorites to review and “replay” later


  • Browse through our map



We show the most recent availabilities on the top (think of it as a newsfeed) to help guarantee that the property you like is still available. 


Our team of experts verifies every single property listed, so you can trust the content on our platform. No more bait-and-switch!


The Best Apartments for Rent in NYC are 0n Replay Listings


Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on the Apple App Store



5+ Stars

“I cannot say enough great things about this app! It is easy to use and navigate through. Having been through the daunting and exhausting search for the perfect apartment, I remember how frustrated I would get when I’d see apartments in person that either weren’t the exact ones as portrayed in the photos or edited certain ways to inaccurately portray them. Luckily, when I look to move in the near future, I can count on Replay Listings to show me exactly what I’m looking at, as it truly is! I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to find the perfect place to call home.”

 – A. Sweet 117  (Via the iOS App Store)



No illusions or mysteries.
“This is a great app for agents and for apartment-seeking clients because you’re not seeing stock pictures or wide lens stretched out pictures of rooms. You’re taking a virtual tour of the premises and what you see is what you get. You’re getting a real clear idea of what you’re going to go view in person when you get there. Hence, saving everybody time and frustration. Honestly, it’s the best way to look for an apartment!”

– Gravity Room (Via iOS App Store)



Apartments shot in the video definitely seem to capture the true layout. You certainly can’t manipulate a video like you can photos. This app is a huge leap towards greater transparency. And with the benefit of listing verification, you can tell what’s on here is real, unlike a lot of these other NYC apartment search engines… My search has actually been kinda fun for once, thank you Replay!!

-Rgriffi94 (Via iOS App Store)

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Why Replay Listings has the Best Apartments for Rent in NYC 


Replay Listings is a real estate company based in Manhattan, New York that is revolutionizing the way people search for apartments for rent. One of the ways they are doing this is by offering unedited videos of apartments for rent. This allows potential renters to get a true sense of what the apartment looks like, rather than relying on edited photos or virtual tours.


Searching for an apartment for rent in New York can be overwhelming and time-consuming. With so many options available, it can be challenging to know where to start. Traditional methods of searching for an apartment, such as browsing online listings or visiting open houses, can be hit or miss. Photos of apartments can be misleading, and virtual tours can be edited to make the apartment look better than it actually is.


Replay Listings solves this problem by offering unedited videos of apartments for rent. These videos are shot by a professional who walks through the apartment and shows every room in its proper condition. This allows potential renters to get a realistic sense of what the apartment looks like and to make an informed decision about whether or not it is the right fit for them.


Another advantage of Replay Listings is the convenience of their service. With unedited videos of apartments for rent, potential renters can view the apartments from the comfort of their own home. This eliminates the need to schedule and attend multiple open houses, saving time and energy. Additionally, the videos are available 24/7 so renters can view them at their own convenience.


Replay Listings also simplifies the process of searching for an apartment by providing detailed information about each apartment and building. This includes information about the neighborhood, transportation options, and amenities. This allows renters to make an informed decision about which apartment and location is best for them.


In addition, Replay Listings team of experienced real estate professionals are available to assist renters throughout the process, from finding the right apartment to signing a lease. They are knowledgeable about the Manhattan market and dedicated to helping renters find the perfect apartment for their needs.


Replay Listings is changing the way people search for apartments for rent in New York. By offering unedited videos of apartments, potential renters can get a true sense of what the apartment looks like and make an informed decision. The company also simplifies the process of searching for an apartment by providing detailed information about each apartment and building and experienced real estate professionals are available to assist renters throughout the process. With Replay Listings, finding an apartment for rent in New York is easier and more efficient than ever before.

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