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Rezdora NYC

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Restaurant Spotlight of the Month - June 2021

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Welcome to Rezdora New York, Replay Listings’ selected Restaurant of the Month of June 2021.


Thanks to Rezdora, New Yorkers no longer need to travel to Italy to enjoy dishes that should be considered Italian treasures.


Rezdôra is a New York Times three-star restaurant from Chef Stefano Secchi and Partner David Switzer in New York City’s Flatiron neighborhood. The menu celebrates the cuisine of Emilia Romagna and is centered around house-made pasta, a nod to the restaurant’s name which translates to “head of household”-usually a nonna whom hand rolls pasta. Traditionally prepared meat, fish, local vegetables, and Northern Italian wines compliment the offerings.


Located at 27 East 20th Street, New York, NY 10003, Rezdora offers outdoor and indoor seating for foodies looking to taste their award-winning dishes. 



Our Experience


We had the pleasure of visiting Rezdora recently, and it was an absolute pleasure – both literally and figuratively. 


The service was outstanding, with industry experts constantly making sure the guests have the best experience.


We invited a couple of friends to make sure we could really experience multiple dishes on the menu. Our recommendation when visiting the restaurant is to do a “family-style” order so that all of the attendees may experience the joy of their dishes.  Feel free to ask their wine expert for a pairing recommendation.


General manager Sidonie Rodman offers some classic aperitivo cocktails at the bar, including the Negroni Sbagliato, featuring Campari, Torino sweet vermouth, and Franciacorta well as the Hugo with Prosecco, elderflower, mint, rosemary, and orange.


The most important thing is to book your visit weeks in advance. This restaurant has become increasingly popular, making it hard to find a reservation for the same day or sometimes even weeks.



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Rezdora dish in NYC Restaurant by Replay Listings



Most Recent Testimonials from Google


“Pasta was very good and service was great, our waiter was very nice and informative. We got the pasta tasting and in my opinion, it was a waste of money. You get very VERY small portions and only 5 courses, dessert is not included. All of the dishes tasted very similar and overall we were pretty disappointed. The olive oil cake here is on another level, salty, a little sweet, and very savory. Very impressed with this dessert so much that we ordered a second one. If we visit again we will definitely order a la carte, I feel like that is the best bang for your buck here.”
– Jessica Catelak, June 2021
“The food was good. The service was good. It was a little cheesy for my taste. Would have preferred less cheese. But the texture, taste, presentation was all on point. I thought the price was also reasonable as well.
– AK 2021

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