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Here's What You Can Expect From Replay Listings in The Near Future

Replay listings began with a focus on rental apartments in New York City.

To understand our future, here’s a quick recap of our past:


  • In 2017, we:
    • Tested product-market-fit
    • Founded and named the company “Replay Listings”
    • Created a simple informative Wix website

  • In 2018, we:
    • Launched our iOS App on the Apple Store – focusing on Manhattan rentals
    • Launched our newest website, “Replay 2.0,” with search capabilities
    • Released our Android App to the Google Store

  • In 2019, we:
    • Opened up our platform to NYC’s five boroughs
    • Became NYU and Wharton trusted partners
    • Added new features, such as “Save Draft,” “Upload my Video,”
    • Improved our UX/UI (user experience)

  • In 2020, we:
    • Improved the way we present information
    • Improved our website, making it more user-friendly
    • Improved our Google SEO, making it easier for people to find Replay Listings
    • Launched our “Availabilities Map,” which shows agents apartments that are available but have not yet been advertised

  • In 2021, we:
    • Released our Sales Platform, making Replay Listings a more well-rounded company
    • Surpassed helping over 100,000 people find their next home
    • Offer over 8,000 exclusive video-tours



So, What Now?


On the Web: Agent’s Web Dashboard


Now, we grow. On our website side of things, we’re building a dashboard that will allow agents to manage, edits, and create new listings from your computer. The dashboard will also present some key insights that will help you make more informed decisions.


The Agent’s Web Dashboard will change the way you work by allowing you to easily search for any properties you’d like to share with your clients and copy-paste the URLs to quickly create an email with all the information you need.


You will be able to safely share your listings with your clients without the fear of losing them in the process. We DO NOT show “similar listings on the neighborhood,” and we intend to improve the communication between you and your potential clients.



Across the platform: dealing with audio


It’s interesting to mention that our users have access to the audio of the video tours via the website, and we’re working on the user experience side of things so that in the near future, agents will be able to easily add audio to their iOS listings if they want to.


Similar to Instagram, users will be able to mute/unmute the audio in your listings with one click. To add to that, if you (the agent) want us to permanently mute the audio on any particular listing (to focus on the video) you will also be able to do that with a simple click while uploading the listing.


More exciting news on this topic coming soon!



On the iOS App: Agent’s Newsfeed


It was time for us to communicate more efficiently with you, the agents, as well. So we created a news section on the app, in which we will be able to update you with valuable information – such as a list of landlords and the concessions they are offering. We love being in close contact with our customer agents, and we’re very much looking forward to this one! 



The Sales Platform


We’re also improving and continuing to polish the sales side of the platform. Now, you can add videos, pictures, open houses, and many more amenities. We are polishing the app to make it look more professional and incentivize potential buyers to reach you. Our focus is to have a transparent and honest approach, and we believe we can get there and at the same time present image and video assets that are beautiful. We have a surprise for you coming soon, which will truly elevate the quality of the video listings you upload – so stay tuned!


We are working hard every day to make sure that you are happy using our platform. If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, feedback, or anything you would like to share with us, please feel free to reach out to me directly at rodolfo@replaylistings.com. Thank you!




Rodolfo Delgado
Chief Executive Officer, Replay Listings

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We’re committed to bringing more transparency and honesty to the Real Estate Industry.

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Rodolfo Delgado: A Call For Unity

Rodolfo Delgado, CEO of Replay Listings

It’s been quite a year. Many of us have had to offer our condolences to many friends and family members who were clearly destined for a life of impact. Some have lost their lives; some have lost their homes; some have been evicted.

Topics as basic as human rights remind us of the divided world we live in, in which many buy into what one side is saying. We are living in a world dominated by social media. A world in which there are often times in which the more we look, the less we see. As long as social media seeks more of our attention, it will continue to present us with articles and data whose vision aligns well with ours – even if it’s incorrect or manipulated.

We have created a digital world in which our imbalanced social dynamics often suppress minorities and push against inclusion and diversity. They do so by creating ‘safe spaces’ that promote division. At a time in which we need to be united, it is easiest to distance ourselves from the uncomfortable or the unknown and be only with similar-minded people.

This is a call for unity, a call for action. For us to resort to being better informed by following people and media that we might not agree with. The more we listen to arguments that we do not agree with, the more our minds are able to clearly put into words the underlying principles that we chose to believe in. We are then forced to think about the values others might be missing when rationalizing their behavior or beliefs.

We have to proactively choose to explore and understand mindsets that are different from our own in order for us to grow. Growth often happens when we are least comfortable with the current circumstances. We need to learn how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

It’s been quite a year. Amidst the loss of many lives and values, we need to be those who recognize that even though we can’t bring someone’s life back, we can at least bring the positive values by which they used to navigate their lives. We have to be the ones who balance the unfairness by injecting not only a vaccine, but values.

I’m by no means advocating we should all be happy or positive all the time. There is a time to mourn, a time to yell and be mad – and that’s okay. But when we get to a point in which we can manage our internal struggles, then we can begin to build a powerful shared conscience. 

While it feels as if COVID-19 “evicted’’ many from their lives ahead, there have been those of us who continue to fight for the lives of others. Those fighting for equal opportunity to everyone. Those fighting for everyone to have a home.

This is a call for unity.

A call for action. A hopeful awakening. They say awareness is the first step towards improving our condition. Now that we know what’s at stake, let’s work together and bring, step by step, more peace into our communities.

About Rodolfo Delgado

Rodolfo Delgado is Replay Listings founder and CEO. Rodolfo is also a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council and has contributed by writing monthly articles in Forbes since 2019. He currently lives and works in New York. Contact Rodolfo via his website at www.rodolfodelgado.com